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Fireproof Inward Opening Windows

Fireproof Inward Opening Windows

The fireproof windows manufactured by “Staļi” Ltd comply with EI45 characteristics of fireproof windows and maintain the structural integrity even at particularly high temperatures and in case of flames – for at least 45 minutes. This window is equipped with a fire resistant glass and insulating tape between the window sash and frame, which expands at particularly high temperatures, thereby preventing air inflow. Fire resistant sealing rubber and silicone is also used, which ensures sustainable resistance against the spread of smoke and fire. Inward opening fireproof windows can be fitted with aluminum plates on the outside.


Manufacturing and delivery

Accessories and options


Raw material: Oak

Frame: 90 x 82 mm

Sash: 90 x 82 mm

Glass: Double glazed (36 mm) Contraflam with selective coating and argon gas

Aluminium drainage cover bar

Handles: Roto Frank

Hinges: Roto Frank

Finish: Remmers or Sigma paint from RAL or NCS catalogue

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