“Staļi” Ltd is founded in 1993 and is a leading manufacturer of wooden doors and windows in Northern Europe. For 21 years, the company has offered customers worldwide only the best products from natural materials. Rooted in its formidable history so far, “Staļi” Ltd continues to grow and develop, introducing fresh and innovative solutions to its production process. Our ability to adopt and adapt market trends has been our company’s key to success.

“Staļi” Ltd is a family-owned business employing over 300 staff. We continually invest in our production facilities and further training for our specialists, who can give customers professional advice and execute any vision at the highest level. The company provides cooperation from a project idea stage up to and including delivery and installation of the finished product. “Staļi” Ltd matches technological solutions to customer expectations to execute any order, from the classical to the extravagant. Wide variations in design and accessories are available with our wooden windows, wooden external doors, as well as sliding doors and balcony doors.

Strict, always-on quality assurance throughout the production process means that “Staļi” Ltd is able to guarantee utmost production quality. To make this process more efficient, we have introduced a special internationally-acclaimed quality assurance system that ensures precise monitoring at each stage of making a product.

Adherence to high standards has earned “Staļi” Ltd certification that is recognised in Europe and worldwide: FSC®-C109515 (Forest Stewardship Council®) Chain of Custody, SP (Sveriges Tekniska Forskningsinstitut), NDVK (Norsk Dør-og Vinduskontroll), ISPM HT (International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures) certificates confirm the exceptional quality and conformance of “Staļi” Ltd wooden doors and windows to European requirements. Our premium wood granules are also produced with certificates of quality from ENplus, DINplus and FSC®.

The company acts in an environmentally friendly manner, making its operations better and more efficient. “Staļi” Ltd carefully evaluates its business partners for sourcing raw materials, analysing aspects such as distance from the source to its facility.

Selection of processing agents, paints and other materials is just as important. “Staļi” Ltd selects state of the art materials of the highest quality to make its products and production processes friendly to the environment and to humans.

“Staļi” Ltd is well known not only for its ability to manufacture excellent wooden doors and windows but also for its approach to preparing the necessary raw materials. “Staļi” Ltd is among the few door and window manufacturers that makes wood planks and boards on-site, which further improves its product quality and process control.

We use our wood materials in an environmentally responsible manner. All wood by-products from making wooden doors and windows, wood granules and boards are collected and recycled efficiently.

“Staļi” Ltd products combine the best in Latvia’s nature and people.