About 54.14% of the territory of Latvia is occupied by woodland. Wood is a valuable renewable resource with a very wide range of applications. By practicing a responsible attitude to the environment and taking care to not only harvest but also to renew our forests, we ensure that this resource will remain available in the future, and protect natural biodiversity. 

Elaborate, sustainable and environmentally friendly production is a priority for “Staļi” Ltd. Our company specialists carefully assess its partners for wood deliveries. In addition to wood quality, “Staļi” Ltd values selection of shorter transportation routes, thereby minimising vehicle use and environmental harm from tailpipe emissions.

Our many years of experience in wood processing have allowed us to develop and expand high-quality production and only manufacture the highest-quality wooden doors 


and  windows. Any by-products of our process such as wood chips are gathered and reused with a view to maximum efficiency. “Staļi” Ltd wooden windows and doors are easy to restore and can be recycled in an environmentally friendly way at the end of their life.

“Staļi” Ltd has received Chain of Custody Certification from the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC®-C109515), which confirms complete traceability of sourcing and compliance of product material deliveries with FSC® standards. Production of the company’s premium wooden doors, windows and wood granules uses only wood sourced from well-managed forestlands.

“Staļi” Ltd successfully combines quality, advanced technology and high standards for environmental protection and conservation.