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At “Staļi” Ltd we pay great attention to quality. Products are regularly tested in a certified laboratory owned by the company and sent for testing to various European certification agencies such as SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden AB, British Standards Institution (BSI) in the UK and Institut für Fenstertechnik (IFT), Rosenheim, Germany. In order to get certified by these institutions, "Staļi" Ltd must undergo a variety of tests and controls throughout the entire manufacturing process.

In the production of wooden windows and doors “Staļi” Ltd uses up-to-date technologies such as "Weinig" and "Homag". “Staļi” Ltd offers windows and doors of various shapes and sizes, which can be equipped with the most modern ventilation, security systems and accessories. The use of high-quality laminated timber, manufactured by “Staļi” Ltd, makes all windows and doors more resistant to deformation and more durable.

“Staļi” Ltd equips windows and doors with high-quality window mechanisms and accessories from manufacturers such as ASSA, Fix, Roto, Spilka and Centor.Thanks to the vast technical abilities and design solutions, “Staļi” Ltd wooden doors and windows are recognized throughout Europe. The high qualification of workers and client consultants has allowed to always find the best solution for our very client and individual project.


For centuries, the manufacture technology of wooden windows has been continuously improved and now they can be produced with a significantly higher resistance to deformation and the adverse effects of weather conditions. In the manufacture of wooden windows “Staļi” Ltd uses pine, larch or oak wood of the highest quality.

Windows are an essential architectural element of any building and an important functional element which is continuously exposed to changes in weather conditions. “Staļi” Ltd, in order to protect wooden windows and extend their lifespan, selects only the highest quality paints and lacquers from Remmers or Sigma manufacturer catalogs. These paints and lacquers, in addition to a wide selection of colors, are highly resistant to temperature changes and humidity, which helps protect the wooden parts of windows in the long term. To provide additional protection, “Staļi” Ltd offers to equip window exterior with aluminum claddings. Subject to the instructions for the care of wooden windows, the wooden windows manufactured by “Staļi” Ltd will not only serve long and reliable, but also retain their visual quality.

“Staļi” Ltd offers a wide range of designers’ and technology solutions for wooden windows, in which everyone can find a suitable personal solution.


“Staļi” Ltd offers superior in design, high-quality wooden interior, exterior and balcony doors made of pine, larch, oak or exotic meranti wood. Technology capabilities and many years of masters’ experience allow us to offer the customers of “Staļi” Ltd the wooden doors of the highest quality.

To create an additional aesthetic value, “Staļi” Ltd offers to paint the doors with high-quality paints or lacquers by Remmers or Sigma, which would give the doors extra resistance to environmental effects. In addition to painting we offer to equip the doors on the outside with an additional protective element - aluminum plates. We also offer various solutions for door panels of internal and external doors - panels made of solid wood, profiled wood, HDF or plywood with aluminum plates or without them.

“Staļi” Ltd proposes to make the unique door design, performing on the door the unique wood carvings on the selected client design. To create an additional focus we offer to fit the doors with textured, tinted glass or high-strength glass, the offer range of which, as well as a selection of other accessories, is very extensive.

Regardless of the type of doors manufactured by “Staļi” Ltd, wooden doors are equipped with only high-strength locking and lock mechanisms that have proven their reliability and long lifespan.


Sliding doors

“Staļi” Ltd offers technologically modern sliding wooden doors that meet the most actual trends in architecture. Sliding wooden doors provide an ergonomic solution for premises where you need to create a maximum access to light and air change rate without using additional floor space. This type of doors is a popular solution not only in private homes, but also in public buildings, for example, in cafés with access to the outdoor terrace. Sliding doors can also serve as a unique and comfortable space separating element.

“Staļi” Ltd offers sliding wooden doors equipped with textured, tinted, sound-insulating or tempered glass which will create additional comfort. “Staļi” Ltd offers the latest door lock solutions that will provide additional security. High-quality locking systems, with which the sliding wooden doors “Staļi” Ltd are equipped, will serve long and reliable, ensuring maximum comfort.

Professional paints and lacquers by Remmers and Sigma, which “Staļi” Ltd uses in the processing of its products, protect sliding door frames from the external environment and allow you to longer maintain the original appearance of the door. In accordance with the wishes of the customer, wooden sliding doors can be highlighted on the background of the interior or building facade with paintwork, or harmonized on the color scheme.

When selecting the sliding wooden doors produced by “Staļi” Ltd, the customers can be sure that regardless of the type and design of the doors they will be offered only the most up-to-date and the best solution. Professional advisors of “Staļi” Ltd will help to make a choice in a vast range of technology and design options and find the best solution for any requirement.

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