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Glued window and door parts are manufactured by "Staļi" Ltd on the basis of IFT standards. The raw materials ensure a higher quality of products with good heat insulation and design properties.

We offer window and door parts with milled profiles or with parts that are processed with CNC equipment.

At your request, we can also manufacture thresholds, frames and door- and window leaves. We also offer ready-made frames and door- and window leaves.

If necessary, all parts can be impregnated, grouted or painted. The level of moisture in the timber is up to 8%.

The materials that "Staļi" Ltd offer are also used to manufacture high-quality wooden doors and windows. The company's products are internationally recognised and renowned.

Regular testing at the company's laboratories and international laboratories confirms that all raw materials satisfy the highest demands.

P mark certificate P mark certificate
ISO 9001 ISO 9001


Certificate issued by BM TRADA CERTFICATION certifies that the technology of thermal processing of wooden packing material and the process quality assurance conforms to the International Standards For Phytosanitary Measures No. 15 (ISPM 15) (directions regarding requirements for wooden packing materials in the international trade) and ensures thermal processing of wood in 56° C for 30 minutes. This certificate allows exporting products with wooden packing material to numerous countries, for example, USA, Canada, Great Britain, China etc. Wooden packing material standard introduced by these countries has changed the phytosanitary requirements.

P mark certificate

A certificate from the Research Institutes of Sweden AB (RISE) confirms the conformity of window and door manufacturing to P-mark standards such as CR.022 and CR.020. As these standards change, quality management systems are adjusted and improved. Conformity audits are conducted twice a year, and products are regularly tested.

ISO 9001

ISO 9001 is the most universal and famous standard in the world. Compliance with this standard gives customers the peace of mind that the company consistently ensures the quality of its goods and services by maintaining a quality management system and undergoing inspections by independent auditors from time to time in order to certify the effectiveness of its quality systems.
The ISO 9001 Certificate provides evidence that "Staļi" Ltd consistently supplies high quality products and services and maintains professional and effective production standards, management procedures, and documentation. In compliance with this standard, "Staļi" Ltd focusses on successful and reliable communication with customers during the entire project development process. Efficient management procedures enable "Staļi" Ltd to deliver each order accurately and timely.

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