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Wood pellets are a type of biomass fuel, which allows using captured solar energy for heating. They are a renewable fuel that is environmentally friendly, and burning it generates thermal energy.

“Staļi” Ltd produces high-quality wood pellets from the chips of freshly sawn softwood saw logs left over in the production of windows, doors and other products. Thus, the wood can be used completely.

Regular quality tests carried out during the production process show that the company offers one of the best pellets in Latvia. This is also confirmed by the compliance of results of the tests carried out by SGS (the world's leading and recognized testing, inspection and certification company) on the premium quality wood pellets. Accordingly, in 2013, the company received the German DINplus certificate and, at the beginning of 2015 – the European certificate Enplus-A1.

Wood pellets are manufactured using a specific technology developed by the company that ensures careful processing of the wood pellets, thus providing the highest quality.

The company offers:

  • 6 mm wood pellets, packed on wooden pallets in 15 kg bags, 0.975 tonnes per pallet;
  • 8 mm wood pellets, packed on wooden pallets in 16 kg bags, 0.975 tonnes per pallet;
  • “Staļi” Ltd offers packing the pellets in Big Bags or soft containers, suitable for transportation and storage of bulky cargo;
  • Packing solutions adapted to the customer's needs (number of packages on pallets, packing in bags of the customer's design, etc.);
  • Pellets can be packed on wooden pallets (95 x 115 cm).

Pallets used for the wood pellets are packaged in a special film packing material to protect them against the adverse effects of weather (rain, snow, UV rays, etc.) and allows to store product outdoors.

Wood pellet testing results:

Diameter 6 mm
Moisture 5.9 %
Ash 0.2 %
Heating capacity 4.9 kWh/kg;
Fine particles 0.2 %
Bulk density 670 kg/m3
Attrition 1.4 %

Pallet 975kg, Big Bag 1000kg, bags 15kg

ISO 9001 ISO 9001


The quality mark DINplus, with its strict requirements, is an established quality mark for wood pellets with around 200 certificate holders world-wide. Traders and consumers of wood pellets trust in DINplus certification not only in Europe. Wherever there is a need for high quality wood pellets, this is the trusted certification. Therefore, producers of central heating boilers and furnaces like to emphasize how important it is to use only wood pellets with the quality mark DINplus, because by using DINplus certified wood pellets, boiler issues can be reduced. The DINplus quality mark creates customer confidence. They can rest assured that an independent, neutral, and dedicated institution has carefully investigated and reviewed all the certification criteria for wood pellets and wood pellets production. External monitoring ensures that the product quality is maintained during production. All of which provides customers with added value that will help them to decide which product to purchase. Wood pellets for use in small furnaces receive the quality mark DINplus, if they fulfil the requirements of European Standard DIN EN 14961-2 and others defined in the Certification Scheme of DIN CERTCO. It was the first certification body, which started with the certification of wood pellets in 2002. Since then it is has established itself as the leading certification body in this area.


ENplus was first introduced in Germany in 2010 and since then, the certification enjoyed a rapid growth across Europe. The ownership of the ENplus trade mark remains with the European Biomass Associatiom AEBIOM. Certificate not only fulfills the EN 14961-2 provisions, but requires even stricter quality criteria. This quality seal stands for low emissions and trouble-free heating with high-energy value. For the first time the whole supply chain is covered by a single certification system. The ENplus quality seal accounts for the whole wood pellet supply chain – from production to delivery to the final customer, therefore ensuring high quality as well as transparency. In 2014 a total of 6,5 million tons of ENplus certified pellets has been produced. This represents around 60% of the total pellets consumed for heating in Europe.


The company has Chain of Custody certificate (license code FSC® C109515), showing compliance to FSC® Chain of custody standard. Our products, marked with FSC® label are made from materials, coming from ‘well-managed’ forests.

ISO 9001

ISO 9001 is the most universal and famous standard in the world. Compliance with this standard gives customers the peace of mind that the company consistently ensures the quality of its goods and services by maintaining a quality management system and undergoing inspections by independent auditors from time to time in order to certify the effectiveness of its quality systems.
The ISO 9001 Certificate provides evidence that "Staļi" Ltd consistently supplies high quality products and services and maintains professional and effective production standards, management procedures, and documentation. In compliance with this standard, "Staļi" Ltd focusses on successful and reliable communication with customers during the entire project development process. Efficient management procedures enable "Staļi" Ltd to deliver each order accurately and timely.