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  11. The company may collect information obtained on the basis of an electronic form filled out by a user of the Website that is availbale at the Website and intended for getting a response to a question or an offer request. Any user`s interaction with the company “Staļi” Ltd, including, email correpondence, can be used for business purposes, subject to confidentiality.
  1. The company “Staļi” Ltd may disclose personal information of users within the company, subject to confidentiality, and use for the company`s internal administrative and other business purposes.
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    • if it is necessary within a business transaction between the company “Staļi” Ltd and the third party at the request of the other party involved in the transaction;
    • if personal data are included as part of the transaction`s content in transaction of the company “Staļi” Ltd with the third party;
    • if the company “Staļi” Ltd is obliged to reveal or disclose your personal data to comply with legal obligations or to draw up agreements on supply or others.
    • if the information is necessary to providers of services of the third party in order to improve services offered by the company “Staļi” Ltd, ensure the correct payment processing and necessary check of the related information. Third parties are granted an access only to information about users of the Website that is necessary for the provision of a specific service. The company “Staļi” Ltd cooperates with third parties by entering into an agreement on the terms and purposes of data use for which they may be used.
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The Cookies can be removed by activating the setting on your browser that allows you to pot out of all or certain types of cookies set on your device. It is important to note that upon using your browser settings locking all Cookies (including essential), the user would not have access to all of sections of the Website of “Staļi” Ltd


Data supervisor

In accordance with the European Parliament and Council Regulation 2016/679 (April 27, 2016), the physical person defence in relation to personal data processing, LTD “Staļi” has prepared a privacy policy that will allow fee circulation of data. This policy offers information about how the company processes personal data.

The personal data Controller: The unified registration number of “Staļi” Ltd is No 49503004934, and its legal address is “Ķingas”, Priekuli parish, Priekuli district, LV-4126.

Adaptation of documents

This document applies to all personal data that the company has received. This includes any information about an identified or identifiable individual. Perhaps data can relate to potential, existing and former employees, suppliers, clients or partners. The data most often involve names, surnames, personal codes (if they are necessary to draft a contract), addresses, phone numbers, E-mail addresses, billing information, information about received services and products, as well as other information that applies to the individual. The policy is applied to ensure the protection of privacy and personal data in terms of potential existing and former clients, employees and suppliers, visitors to the “Staļi” Ltd company territory and office (video monitoring devices), the company's homepage and visitors to social portals.

How do we obtain your private data?

We can obtain your personal data in the following ways:

  1. Concluding an agreement that involves your data;
  2. Concluding an agreement with a third party that has indicated you as a contact person;
  3. A submission from you via E-mail or a phone call, etc.;
  4. When you purchase things from an e-shop;
  5. When you use cookies on “Staļi” Ltd webpage;
  6. In some cases, from third-party databases, e.g., checking whether you have the right to represent a commercial enterprise ( and similar databases).

Existing and potential employees

If you are looking for a job, we process your personal data to evaluate whether you have the skills that are necessary for the job that you are seeking. We do this on the basis of your agreement. You voluntarily submit the data, and we will ensure an appropriate preservation of that data.

If you are an employee, we process your personal data in accordance with the relevant agreement and so as to obey the laws such as the labour law, the law on taxes and fees, as well as other laws. We do so on the basis of the agreement and the relevant legal obligations, ensuring the appropriate preservation of the data.

If you are a former employee, we store your personal data in accordance with laws that speak to obligations related to archiving of data.

Suppliers and partners

We process the data of suppliers and partners, doing so on the basis of our legitimate interest in obtaining new partners and new markets. This also relates to agreements that are concluded with other parties.


We process potential data that relate to our potential, existing and former clients.

Visitors to the office or manufacturing facility

In accordance with health, safety and environmental standards, as well as to observe our legitimate interests in terms of protecting our commercial secrets, employees, clients and others, we can process your personal data by installing video monitoring systems in our office, manufacturing facility and territory. We will inform you about this fact. Recordings are kept for no longer than 60 days unless they are necessary to defend our legal interests at courts or other processes.

Marketing activities

Marketing activities may mean that we will send you commercial announcements, ensure your participation in lotteries that we organise, and publish materials about public events that we organise. That means that we will at least need the name, surname, telephone number and E-mail address of a client, partner and/or contact person. The justification for this relates to:

  1. Agreement by the subject of the data (Article 6.1A of the General Data Protection Regulation);
  2. Conclusion and implementation of an agreement with the data subject (article 6.1B);
  3. The legitimate interests of the supervisor (Article 6.1E) in terms of, e.g., ensuring communications.

You have the right to refuse our marketing repots by answering the announcement that you have received or by informing the employee who has contacted you. Even if you do so, you may still receive administrative information about e.g., unpaid bills, information about amendments to the contract, information about changes to laws that regulate the obligations that are stated in the contract, or information about the abrogation of the agreement.

Protection of data

Data that are at the disposal of the company are processed securely. We make sure that all ICT and IT systems that are integrated into our work processes and are utilised ensure confidentiality. Access to personal data is available only for people who need the data to do their work. Employees who handle personal data ae trained and must obey Latvian laws, as well as the internal rules of the company. Personal data are not processed longer than is necessary. We also will not store your data longer than the goal for which the data were collected. That means that your data will be destroyed or erased from our systems when they are no longer necessary to satisfy obligations. We take steps to make sure that our information about you is processed and stored on the basis of the following elements:

  1. The data are stored as long as the information is used to provide services to you;
  2. Legal or contractual obligations or in relation to our legal obligations;
  3. Only the period of time during which we need the data to achieve our goals, or longer if that is necessary because of the agreement, applicable laws, statistical purposes or mandatory protection of the company's interests.

The company observes the data minimisation principle and guarantees that when providing you with products and services, we will only collect the minimal amount of data that is needed for that purpose.

What we do not do

Your data will never be transferred for processing outside of the European Union and the European Economic Zone. We do not use your data for automatized decisions. We never disclose personal data or any information obtained during the contractual term of force to third parties except to provide services. For instance, transportation companies are given the client's name, contact information and delivery address. This is done in terms of people who relate to normative acts on the basis of their justified request, in line with procedures defined by law, and in line with laws that relate to the defence of the lawful interests of “Staļi” Ltd when filing a lawsuit or addressing any other government institution in opposition to a person who has offended the company's lawful interests.

Your rights

You have the right to require access to your personal data, but before doing so, you will have to provide proof of your identity. You have the right to object against the processing of your data, remove your agreement, demand the erasing or amendment of your data, and ensure the right to the transferability of data. To do this, please contact our data protection specialist (see "Contacts"). You can complain to a data protection institution in relation to the processing or storage of your personal data. In asking that your personal data be erased, you confirm that you will not use the company's services and that the information will continue to be stored in the company's records and archives in accordance with legal requirements. The company will never use this information for commercial purposes. Even if you ask for your data to be erased, the company preserves the right to store your personal data or a part thereof in accordance with the company's legitimate interests and relevant laws. Requests related to information are processed within one month after the request is received and approved.


When using the Internet and not wanting your personal data to be processed via cookies while visiting our Website, we recommend that you use the private regime of your Web browser. We only process and store personal data that are necessary for contractual obligations. Your personal data are encoded. “Staļi” Ltd does not have access to the client's Internet bank or other payment data, because when making a payment, the client is transferred to a protected page that relates to the relevant bank.

What are cookies?

A cookie is a small file with numbers and letters that is downloaded to the user's device, e.g., a computer or telephone, when you visit the Website of “Staļi” Ltd Cookies are used to identify users, thus helping the company to ensure successful experiences when visiting the homepage and improve the user's experiences.

How are cookies used

So-called Essential Cookies help the homepage to remember what the user has done, as well as the language choices that have been made. Such cookies are not stored in the user's device and disappear when the browser is closed. Anonymous Analytical Cookies, in turn, count user numbers and see what users of the website are doing on the homepage. This allows the company to improve the homepage and make it easier to use. Functionality Cookies provide information about when users return to the website, thus allowing the company to adapt the homepage and its content in accordance with the user's needs and the adaptation of the site. Advertising Cookies (Google AdWords cookies) help to advertise “Staļi” Ltd on the Internet, presenting ads to the specific user that are adapted for his or her interests. The content is based on information about what the user has done and what the user has looked at on the website of “Staļi” Ltd These cookies indicate that the visitor has visited the homepage, and that means that the browser will present ads that relate to the page.

Managing or rejecting cookies

Your browser can be adjusted to get rid of some or all cookies in your device. It is important to know, however, that if cookies, including essential ones, are blocked on the device, the user may no longer have access to all parts of the “Staļi” Ltd website.

Your agreement

When providing your personal data to the company, you indicate acceptance of these privacy rules.


In case of questions and queries please send email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or come in person to our office.


If you have questions or objections about how we process your data, please visit our office or send us an E-mail. If you believe that this has not resolved the situation and that we are violating your right to the protection of your personal data, you have the right to file a complaint with the State Data Inspectorate. Its homepage ( has sample complaint forms and all relevant information.

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