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Side swing windows

Side swing windows

Side swing windows open and turn outwards. The unique hinge construction of these windows makes it possible to turn the window fully inside, thus making the maintenance of the window very convenient and simple.

The hinge construction is equipped with a regular stop, limiting the initial opening of the window up to 100 mm and also operates when the window is turned 180°. The turning lock is very useful, when small children are present, thus, limiting the possibilities of opening the window. Hinges are fixed on both sides of the edges of the window frame. The design of the window and hinge construction ensures the secure balance of the sash if you turn the window inside with the external part. 

These windows can be manufactured from wood or a combination of wood and aluminium where aluminium covers the outer part of the frame and sash.


Manufacturing and delivery

Accessories and options


Raw material: Finger jointed pine, solid pine or oak

Frame: 95 or 105 x 57 mm

Sash: 76 x 65 mm

Glass: Double glazed (24 mm) or triple glazed (36 mm) with selective coating and argon gas

Aluminium drainage cover bar

Plastic glass beads with glass sealing rubber

Ventilation opening

Handle: Hoppe

Hardware: Spilka

Finish: Varnishes or paint from RAL or NCS catalogue


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