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Box-type window

Box-type windows are often chosen when a client wants to replace the original old windows, and in projects where it is important to preserve not only the design but also the historical fittings.

This allows you to restore the buildings in accordance with the requirements of architects and to give the windows further security, thermal, and acoustic insulation.

Most often, the windows of this type have several sashes which open in one direction - inside. The window can be fitted with new or refurbished historic fittings and locks. We also offer removable or fixed ornamental elements of various profiles. 

If the window has openable upper sashes, but access to them is limited, we offer to equip the window with a special mechanism for opening. This makes it possible to ventilate the room comfortably, safely and effectively.

Standard or customized wooden capitals will give the window facade additional designer’s emphasis.

To pick up the tone of the window as close as possible to the historical, we offer a wide selection of high-quality paints and varnishes by Remmers or Sigma from RAL and NCS catalogues.  


Manufacturing and delivery

Accessories and options


Raw materials: Finger jointed pine, solid pine or oak

Frame: 240 x 80 mm

Sash: 41 x 54 mm (outer sash) and 78 x 72 mm (inner sash)

Glass: 4 mm glass (outer sash) and double glazed (26 mm) with selective coating and argon gas

Handles on the client's choice

Hinges: Simonswerk

Finish: Varnish or paint by Remmers or Sigma from RAL and NCS catalogues 


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